Thursday, April 02, 2009


I would say that drug alteration is the greatest crime to mankind. Some anti-social elements adulterate costly drugs with some dangerous salts. They also produce spurious drugs by imitating some famous brands. Thus, they play with the lives of innocent patients who don’t know what is in the store for them. Sometime, they continue taking the prescribed medicines. But these prove ineffective. We might have read in the newspapers that many die due to fungus- infested dextrose bottles.

Such adulterated drugs cause deaths. Many children die after consuming these medicines. Some suffer untold pain and side effects of the spurious ‘salts’. It is really the work of those mean fellows who are the enemies to mankind and for whom money is everything.

These enemies of mankind do not deserve any pity. I would urge the government to take immediate steps to arrest those who have indulged in this anti human activity for their selfish motives. Those against whom such charges have been proved must be given exemplary punishment. Any laxity in this direction would only encourage such anti social elements.

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