Saturday, April 18, 2009

Father Of the Nation : Gandhiji

If ever there was a man who took a total view of life and who devoted himself to the service of mankind, it was certainly Gandhi Ji. If his pattern of thinking was sustained by faith and lofty ideals of service, his actions and actual teachings were always influenced by considerations at once moral and eminently practical. Throughout his career as a public leader extending over nearly sixty long years, he never allowed exigencies to shape his views.

In other words, he never allowed himself to use wrong means to attain the right ends. His punctiliousness in the choice of means was so great, that even the achievement of the end was subordinated to the nature of the means used, because he believed that the right end could not be achieved by wrong means and what could be achieved by the use of wrong means would only be a distortion of the right end.

Many of his ideas, however, have yet to be fully imbibed. While it is agreed that the liberating role of any social order must be judged by the degree of actual freedom it allows to its member, there is not adequate appreciation of the fact that a centralized organization, industrial, social or political, implies a corresponding curtailment of freedom of the individual.

The golden mean remains to be discovered and adopted. His economics is often confounded with austerity, if not scarcity, his discipline is confused with rigid morality, destitute of color and beauty. With his few and limited needs, he lived a full and rich life, and in his own living, he demonstrated the truth of his beliefs, which in the background of eroded faith appeared to noble to be truth.

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