Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Capture a Screen to an Image ?

You might of seen many people capture there computer screens into Images and might of Uploaded Them. You might of wondered how they did and never wondered to ask them .

Here is a tutorial on How To Do that !

There are ways to this by using any of the following -

* Microsoft Paint
* Microsoft office OneNote (quicker)


1. Whatever is your desired Screen go on that and press Print Screen

2. Open Paint That is by Start then Programs
then accessories then Paint

3. Paste the Image . You can do that By Edit then Paste or Ctrl + V

4. Save the Image by File Save

Other way is Microsoft Office OneNote

1. Open Microsoft office OneNote by Start menu or by double clicking on the icon if present in the desktop.

2. Click on the clip option present in the standard toolbar.

3. The screen will have a white effect which will be transparent.

4. Select the portion you want to capture, the portion will be captured and the Microsoft Office OneNote will open again with the selected portion.

5. Right click on the image and click save as, save as dialogue box will appear.

6. Type in the file name which you want as the Image name and select the best format suited for you in the save as type drop down menu.

7. select the location to be saved on the hard disk and click on save.

You are done with the capturing.

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4 comments: on "How to Capture a Screen to an Image ?"

Angie R said...

Hi Vicky thanks for sharing. I've always wondered how this is done. :-) Angie

Avatar said...

Cool blog, thanks for sharing those tips.

hprgraphic said...

Hi there ..I loved Ur blog.

Alexia said...

You can also use Adobe Photoshop ;)You copy the image on your screen with prt sc and then paste it to photoshop. This is better than using paint if you want to edit the image because Photoshop is so much more advanced than Paint.

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