Friday, April 10, 2009


Vegetarianism promotes a natural way of life. But despite its implicit message of universal love and non violence it has not spread, as it should have. This may be because it usually is an inward looking habit and is best cultivated in mind.

Leading a vegetarian way of life helps the animal kingdom to coexist with man. The animals supply milk, manure and energy. This has been central to the Indian culture for thousands of years.

In India a vegetarian is usually a lacto-vegetarian. In the western world vegetarians are subdivided as ‘vegans’, lacto vegetarians, who use dairy products of the vegetable kingdom and lacto ova vegetarians. The last category includes eggs, in addition to dairy products.

Vegetarian foods provide an infinite range of flavors whereas non vegetarian foods have hardly any taste of their own. In fact non Vegetarian foods have to be seasoned with ingredients from the vegetable kingdom to make them palatable.

In most sports disciplines, Vegetarians lead in endurance tests. “You are what you eat” is an old saying and it is a fact that it is the food that makes the man.

A Vegetarian diet is more useful in the treatment of liver disorders including the last stage of liver failure, when the dietary intake of fat is to be reduced. Vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure. Lacto-Vegetarian diets with their high fibre content, low acid and high vitamin and minerals prevent and to a certain extent relieve the pain felt with the progression of arthritis.

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