Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is PR ? Is PR Important ?

PR Stands For Page Rank . It is actually a method developed by Google to rank websites . How does this work ? Why is it important ?

How does it work ?

You might of used google in your daily life and might of found thousands of search results . You have a look at top 100 results for some thing , may be some 10 results for something . Have you ever wondered Why are those websites in top 10 , top 20 , top 100.

Google determines each site and ranks them according to there priority . The number of incoming links , number of relevancy , How useful are they . It a collective of lot of things .

Is PR important ?

Yes it is really important for your site's popularity. The higher the PR more the people reading your blog . PR is really one of the most important things for your blog.

PR was Updated on April 09

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3 comments: on "What is PR ? Is PR Important ?"

aria said...

PR is very important for make money online blog. Good PR will make good opportunity to get big money.

Anonymous said...

Hii Vicky nice post. But actually if you see that websites having High PR sometimes do not appear in the top 10 or top 20.

That is Search Engine Ranking and this is completely different to PR. PR just depends on backlinks and InLinks. Based on traffic you get good SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position)

ViCky said...

You can achieve PR with basics of high quality content as it bring lots of incoming links .

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