Monday, May 04, 2009

Camps To Tap Creativity

As the dreaded examination crawl to halt, students look forward to the
much awaited “creative outlets”, the summer camps to let off steam and
spend their holidays. A summer camp is conducted over a short period
of four to five weeks involving interesting and fun filled activities.
The colorful spectrum of summer camps provide a wide variety of
activities which include artistic skills such as painting, origami,
art, music, craft and also spoken English, cookery and computer
courses. Not only this, summer camps keep the child “fit as the
fiddle” by imparting lessons in yoga, cricket, tennis and swimming.

With changing times and trends parents have become more productivity
oriented. They want their children to learn through productive play
unlike in the past when play was just a play. Today, the parents want
to tap the potential of their children to the fullest. To achieve this
aim, the summer camps afford an ideal opening for children to develop
their hobbies and talents. The importance of creative play is often
underestimated whereas the fact is that art and craft projects can
excite even a young child’s imagination and promotes a sense of great
achievement. The little things that children make and take home give
them a sense of achievement and pride when they show them to their

Summer camps develop a child’s confidence and his ideas. They also
encourage children to do things on their own. The camps are beneficial
for hyper active and aggressive children as they help channel their
energies fruitfully by drawing out best in them. They also promote
mutual understanding not only among teachers and children but also
bring out interaction between the taught. This provides a good
experience for a better future- a future of confidence.

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