Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free Blogging Platforms

Many people around the world blog these days and its kind of fashion to have a blog . SO here is a list of 5 blogging platforms.

1. Blogger : Well, this website needs no introduction. Almost every new blogger starts from Blogger.com. If you want to start a new blog
, I recommend you to go for Blogger.com. After gaining experience and skills you can then move to Wordpress.

2. Wordpress : This is my second choice as a blogging platform. Wordpress.com does not provide users to upload new themes, plugins and this is main drawback of using Wordpress.com. Apart from this, if you are starting your blog for earning some bucks then I am extremely sorry, Wordpress.com does not allow users to put any type of ads on their blog.

3. Weebly : One of the simplest website for you to create a blog. Just register an account, select your theme and start blogging.

4. Thoughts : Here is a 100% free website that will help you in creating a blog. It claims to have some extra features that you won´t find on other blog sites. This site provides unlimited bandwidth, photo, video and podcast sharing, community forums and live news discussions.

5. BlogPico : If you want to create an adsense ready blog, then BlogPico can be the second best option for you (first one is Blogger :D). It allows users to get ad share while blogging from Google adsense
or Yahoo publisher Network. Sounds interesting!

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2 comments: on "Free Blogging Platforms"

Ricky said...

Nice post buddy.I guess wordpress should be the first choice for the blogging platform

Anonymous said...

I started with wordpress the other day, until I found out I couldn't put my adsense on it :( that is my drawback, unless I buy a domain of course.

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