Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Online Back Up

Back up is one of the most important thing every user must have and backing up data on external hard disk or DVD is as risky as having them on your HDD.

I have always backed up that data whose recovery seems unrealistic .

Mozo offers free online data back up . It gives 2gb of free storage.


* Simple to set up
* Supports open/locked files
* Schedules automatic backups
* Performs backups automatically in the background, thus not effecting your work
* Supports version control
for your data
* Encrypts all your data before transferring them to storage
* Supports backs up of your Outlook files, thus protecting even your emails
* Only backs up files that have been added or changed in subsequent backups, making the entire process take very less time
* Restoring the backup files is easy. Though home users are limited to only one restore in the queue at a time.

How does it work?

1. Sign up for MozyHome free account. Click here
2. Download and install the software
3. Follow the step-by-step instructions guide for the installation process
4. Select the types of files or selected folders you want to back up

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3 comments: on "Free Online Back Up"

Oscar Gecko said...

I had a hard drive failure. I did not use Mozy. I heard about Mozy and started to use it. I urged my wife to use it on her laptop.

Shortly afterwards, she had her operating system crash. She had to do a system restore to get it working again. She was able to recover all her much needed files without much effort.

Thank you Mozy. Mozy works. I recommend it.

ViCky said...

Its nice that you also recommend it .

Bhing said...

That sounds cool.. I have heard about this one already but haven't got the time to read the whole content about Mozy.. I might try to check it out later..

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