Saturday, May 02, 2009

Traveling as a Part of Education

Traveling provides knowledge as well as experience. It is sometimes
said that traveling is a better teacher than books. It is because it
gives first hand information about things, places, persons and events.
In short, one can get practical knowledge about men and matters by
traveling with a purpose. One becomes mature, worldly wise and
experienced. He gets a rare experience of human life which strengthens
the value of fellow- feelings, human fraternity and love for others.
A widely traveled person develops a broad outlook and common sense.
He develops a cosmopolitan outlook. He treats all the people of the
world with tolerance.

He does not remain a frog in the well. Only
bookish knowledge makes a person static and impractical. That is why,
schools and colleges organize educational tours to expose the students
to the practical realities of the world.

If they go to nature, they can enjoy the beautiful sights and sweet
sounds. If they visit different cities and meet people there, they can
enrich their mental faculties. Above all, traveling is a great fun.
At the same time, it is part of education. The ‘education’ received
through tours becomes the real education and makes life a thrilling
experience. It remains permanently embedded in the human mind.

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2 comments: on "Traveling as a Part of Education"

Shea said...

So have you done any travelling to make yourself more worldly and knowledgeable, or was this all hypothetical? Do you have any personal experiences with this?

I know I've always loved travelling, but currently lack the funds to do so as much as I'd like to. Back when I was younger, the trips my parents took us on weren't intentionally educational, but I did learn a lot regardless.

ViCky said...

I been travelling quite a bit and got my experiences in the post :)

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