Monday, May 11, 2009

Video Games

The latest passion and craze among children is of video games. This is
all due to electronics media and changes being brought about by modern
outlook. This outlook has basically being fashioned by materialism.
But it is said that these video games depict much violence.
Consequently, the impressionable minds of the children are getting
conditioned by violence. They are losing the touch of human values
which so far have been the dominant aspect of our age old culture and

No doubt, parents and teachers try their level best to inculcate among
our future generation the human values. But strangely these video
games are effacing them overnight. The producers of these video games
aim at maximizing their profit and forget their social
responsibilities. How badly they are injuring the very psyche of
children’s mind doesn’t not bother anyone! This may be the reason that
why our blood doesn’t curdle at inhuman killing reported on

If this goes on, our future is going into the hands of
persons who are insensitive to violence.
Video games can transform the human mind at the stage of children by
producing constructive games which aim at spreading the human values
of mercy, pity, cooperation, love, sympathy etc. it would be
appropriate if the authorities take proper steps to ensure that video
games are produced keeping in mind our culture.

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