Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Review : Torrent Website Demonoid !

As , by my previous post , I have given you a list of Free public Torrent websites but today i will tell you about a private torrent website !

Demonoid.com is a powerful compact and very performance oriented website which gives you just about everything in this Internet world ! You can find just about anything here .

Why is it better ?
Demonoid does not allow duplicated torrents so it encourages people to seed a Single torrent and that is way better than having 100 torrents but no seeds !

Entry ?
Entry here is by Invitation only ! If you want an invitation drop off your comments and i will get back to you !

Speed ?
Demonoid has private trackers so the speed you get per torrent is amazing !

It is highly useful site and recommended for every one !

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4 comments: on "Review : Torrent Website Demonoid !"

imageshack torrent said...

There are large number of torrent websites in the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hey can I have an invite? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I am very interested in a invite if you have an extra one... Thanks! yudp@yahoo.com

How to said...

great job thanks

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