Saturday, July 18, 2009

How To Clean Your RAM & Make Your Computer Speed Better

Clean your RAM
You may recognize that your system gets slower and slower when playing and working a lot with your Desktop or a laptop. That’s because your RAM is full of remaining progress pieces you do not need any more.

1. Open the Notepad and type:


2. Save it as RAMcleaner.vbs (You should choose the “All Files” option when you save it.)

3. Run the file and your RAM may be cleaned.
Of course you can edit the code in the file for a greater “cleaning-progress”.

For Example: FreeMem=Space(128000000)

Just try it out... It worked for me and I hope it will work for you, too. Post your comment here if it worked for you. Thanks.

Guys, If you are confused about how many bytes you have of memory, you can try this website where you can convert Mbs, Gbs, to Bytes.

Remember: If you have 2gbs of RAM you will only clean 1.5gb, so just convert 1.5gb in the website because you need to save 0.5gb [500mb] for other data that may be in use by your computer... Any question please REPLY.

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