Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Find Rapidshare Links Via Google

In the rare event you dont find what your looking for here I have put together a fairly simple guide to using google to find any rapidshare links to any type of movie/music/program.

First Step: Decide you want something, for now lets say we wanted to find the DVD rip of Transformers .

Step 2: What is important and what really helps find the most accurate links is to know how most uploaders tag their files.

So the search will start something like this, omitting any small unimportant words:
"Transformers rapidshare DVDrip"

Another skill you will pickup after spending some time identifing the kinds of tags used to find exactly what your looking for, the next is identifying the correct website.
Looking down the list of results we see alot of "torrent" websites, stay away from those, some of them will say "this maybe available on rapidshare" but it never is.

The second result on the search however has a rapidshare link right in the description and better yet, the title of the film at the top matching exactly what we searched for. So sure enough I went there and thats what I was looking for.

Music and Video Games work essentially the same way.

PS :-
Although 9/10 this will work, sometimes the web can be a dangerous place, some times, especially on russian websites you will be exposed to pornographic popups and occasionaly spyware/adware installers. If you have a good antivirus you'll be fine. But I thought ide throw this in there just so nobody came back whining. I have never caught any virus or was scarred mentally by seeing naked girls in a popup.

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