Sunday, November 15, 2009

20 Years On

Sachin Tendulkar completes 20 years in Cricket and I salute him for his magnificent achievement .

Ramesh was the ultimate CRICKET fan. He had all the videos and went to all the
matches. Unfortunately, he passed away and went up to heaven. When he arrived
at the gates of heaven he came across YAMARAJ.

"Greetings Ramesh, we have been expecting you” YAMARAJ said. Ramesh
asked YAMARAJ... “What is heaven like then?” YAMARAJ replied “All the
greats are here, Bradman, Marshall, Wesley Hall, Larwood and
they all play CRICKET here on the replicas of the great Stadiums.”
“Bradman bating against Larwood ??? This is my idea of heaven!” Ramesh exclaimed.

“Exactly!” YAMARAJ replied.

Ramesh settled into heaven very quickly. He loved watching the matches.
Cricket was all he might have hoped for until he found something that disturbed him.
One day saw a net session in which a batsman was practicing his batting skills.
He could not believe what he saw! It looked as if the batsman was wearing
helmet,pads just like Sachin Tendulkar’s. And the batting style was exactly the
same as his hero's. Ramesh was confused.

After some nights of troubled sleep he went to see YAMARAJ about what he
had seen that day. He described the scene he had seen and protested.. “But
Sachin Tendulkar is not dead! How can he be here?”

YAMARAJ looked around to make sure nobody was listening and whispered to
Ramesh. “Keep this quiet as I could get into trouble with the Big man for
telling you this..”

YAMA glanced around some more...

“You saw that batsman... that was God... he thinks he is Sachin Tendulkar! “

Salute to the world's best batsman .

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