Monday, November 09, 2009

Making Windows Xp Faster - 1

Windows 7 has been launched and Windows XP is outdated for some but still there are many users who will continue to use Windows Xp for now .

This is a first of many posts that will allow you to speed up you windows .

Stopping Indexing Services

Indexing helps speed up the search but slows down your PC . It you search often and use less PC ignore this step otherwise continue reading.

1. Go to Start
2. Click Settings
3. Click Control Panel
4. Double-click Add/Remove Programs
5. Click the Add/Remove Window Components
6. Uncheck the Indexing services
7. Click Next

Display Settings
They also use a lot of Ram , Using a simple theme may be old fashion but effective nonetheless.

1.Go to Start
2. Click Settings
3. Click Control Panel
4. Click System
5. Click Advanced tab
6. In the Performance tab click Settings
7. Leave only the following ticked:
- Show shadows under menus
- Show shadows under mouse pointer
- Show translucent selection rectangle
- Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
- Use visual styles on windows and buttons

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1 comments: on "Making Windows Xp Faster - 1"

Ritesh Kawadkar said...

Nice Tutorial but all of your tweaks seems to be more concentric to XP while most of the users have been moved on to Windows 7 so it would be nice to see some Windows 7 related tweaks too here.

A loyal reader

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